THE team behind award-winning Ludlow Gin is set to throw open the doors to a brand-new Ludlow Distillery next week.

Visitors will be able to see, taste and experience behind the scenes, as well as creating their own unique gin in the Ludlow Gin School, as well as enjoying the new shop.

Ludlow Gin’s popularity has gone from strength to strength over the past four years and the team has expanded its range of fine hand-crafted spirits to include whisky, rum and vodka.

Founder Shaun Ward says he is excited about what the new distillery can bring to the town.

"I’ve always loved creating things," he said.

"In New Year 2017, I had a dream to create a range of beautiful, hand-crafted gins, traditionally made in handmade copper stills.

"Within weeks, we’d created the curiously smooth Ludlow Gin in our kitchen with a tiny still; by September 2018 we’d officially launched Ludlow Gin at Ludlow Food Festival.

"September 2023 marks our fifth birthday, Over the last five years our team has grown to include Ludlow Whisky, as well as Ludlow Fine Wines (formerly John Villar Wines).

"We’re really excited to welcome you to our new venue, with a wide variety of activities for you to enjoy. Come visit us at Ludlow Farm Shop to see, taste, and experience the spirit of Ludlow.”


Visitors will be able to go behind the scenes and discover how the curiously smooth spirits are crafted, as well as discovering how Ludlow Distillery was born, from the humble beginnings of Ludlow Gin, through to the launch of their English single malt whisky.

You can also learn about their production story and sample some of their finest spirits. From early April, you will be able to visit their Ludlow Distillery shop and discover their full range of gins, vodkas, rums, liqueurs, and their English single malt whiskies. 

The in late April, early May, visitors will be able to enjoy tastings and tours. Gift Vouchers are available to buy now from the distillery website.  

Jon Edwards, Managing Director of Ludlow Farmshop, said: "We are delighted to welcome Ludlow Distillery to our site. They are a business we have worked closely with for many years and feel they are the perfect fit to our destination.

"We are passionate about keeping the fantastic Ludlow food and drinks reputation alive and having Ludlow Distillery onboard really adds to this.

"We are focused on supporting local businesses where possible, and giving Ludlow Distillery the opportunity to trade and interact with customers here is something we feel really passionate about

"The customer experiences they have planned are the perfect complement to us and we are so excited to see how this develops in the months to come.”