RODNEY Bywater from the Newcastle Whales has a lead in the most wins this season on 15.

Merv Dean, Kevin Hamer, Colin Morgan and Stan Smith closely follow. The doubles is led by the Hundred House on 23, closely followed by the Crown of Newcastle.

The one semi final of the knockout cup has been played, with the Kangy beating the Sun 4-3.

Stella Allport, Emlyn Evans, Charlie Hollingshead and Kevin Pritchard were Kangy winners while Glyn Jones, Royston Lewis and Bernard Owen were Sun winners.

The league offer their thanks to the Engine & Tender for hosting this fixture at short notice.

The league is now hotting up with three games to go.

The fours results are also in with the Purslow Posers team of Stuart Seabury, Mary Jones, Cyril Hill and Barry Francis winning through. The Aston Villains team, Kevin Pritchard, Robert Meredith, Robert Morris and Nick Blakeway, also won.

The Hotel Hotshots Alan Bowen, Joe Wellings, Maggie Wood and Mike Howells are through, too.