HEREFORD FC has announced Chris Ammonds as their new chairman.

The former commercial and office manager steps into the role that was vacated by Jon Hale. The Bulls confirmed that he was firstly nominated to join the Bulls’ board, and then selected as the new chair following discussions between the seven directors.

Ammonds, who plays cricket for Ludlow, spent nearly eight years as a press officer for West Mercia Police before becoming a freelance PR and communications consulant for his own company, called Zevra Media & Communications.


However, in 2016, he took on the role of group press officer for Sanctuary in Worcester. In football, he was previously media manager at Wigan Athletic before joining Hereford as commercial and office manager during the club's debut season in 2015/16.

At the time, he was the Bulls' oinly full-time employer but he was soon joined by Jamie Griffiths, Hereford's current general manager.

Ludlow Advertiser:

Therefore, a strong working relationship already exists between the pair. Ammonds' first task will be to appoint a new manager. The deadline for applications for the post was yesterday (Friday).

Speaking to Hereford's official website, Ammonds said: “I’ve been watching football at Edgar Street for almost 40 years and although becoming a director is only something I’ve considered recently, I am very excited by the prospect.

"It is something I have had to think long and hard about – and discuss properly with my family – but it’s a challenge I’ve decided to take on because I care deeply about this football club and the alternative option (albeit an easier one) would be to simply pass comment from the outside while shying away from actually trying to help drive the club forward.

"To have been appointed Chair is something I see as a huge privilege, and I am determined to work with as many people as possible to give Hereford FC the best chance of achieving its full potential."