PLANS to resume the Herefordshire Football League season and finish different divisions in varying fashions have been welcomed by clubs just eager to kick a ball again.

With the easing of coronavirus restrictions allowing grassroots sport to begin again at the end of March, the HFL has pencilled in a date of Saturday, April 10 for the resumption of fixtures.

Divisions One and Two will be played to a completion from the current standings but with each team only playing every other club once, rather than home and away.

The Premier Division, meanwhile, is to be split in two halves based on points per game, with the top six teams vying for the title in a mini-league, with points starting from scratch.

Cup competitions that have been started will also be played to a conclusion, as long as regulations allow, with hopes of fulfilling all fixtures by the end of May.

HFL chief executive officer Alan Darfi told the Advertiser: “Whatever solution you come up with, you’re never going to find something perfect, but we just want people to get playing football again.

“A huge amount of work went into looking at the number of fixtures and weekends remaining, plus the cup fixtures still to play.

“Clubs were engaged too and having reviewed all of that, we feel this is the best possible solution.”

The Premier restart format may seem harsh on teams like second-placed Clee Hill United, the 2019 champions who were denied the chance to defend their title by the voiding of last season.

However, boss Wayne Whitbread says they are behind the proposals.

He added: “I know all of the players are keen because we gave them the option to drop out and they didn’t want to – they want the chance to play again and get back to some sort of normality.

“We are just grateful to have a chance to play football. It will help with fitness leading into next season because if we had gone until July without playing, that’s a long, long time.”

In Division One, Tenbury United top the table and boss Aaron Morris is happy with the plans to complete half a season and term it a full one.

“I would rather they do that than null and void the season again which is what I was expecting to happen,” said Morris.

“A lot of leagues have done that but fair play to the HFL, they have done everything they can to get it up and running.

“Our lads are itching to go, we’ve got a training session set up next week and then a friendly. I’m going to have a tough job as we have a squad of 25-30 and every single player wants to play!"