CHURCH Stretton Cricket Club is hoping to mark its centenary year by forming a ladies’ team for the first time in the club’s existence.

The club, which will compete in Division Five of the Shropshire County Cricket League in 2021, will celebrate its 100-year milestone this season.

Stretton, based at Russell’s Meadow on Lutwyche Road, want to add a women’s side to their set-up and are seeking players from across Shropshire.

The club are keen to stress that the invitation extends to players of all abilities, including newcomers to the game who are eager to take up the sport.

Rob Whittall, chairman of Church Stretton Cricket Club, said: “As a club, we’re really looking forward to our centenary year and we have a lot of plans in place to mark the occasion.

“We feel that as a club, it is time to look at new ways of getting people involved with the club and ladies’ cricket is just one way we are trying to achieve that.

“There’s a growing demand for ladies’ cricket and we are very keen to offer this opportunity to ladies across the Strettons.

“We’ve been speaking to the Shropshire Cricket Board and there’s the possibility of running taster sessions at our ground which will take you through the basics of batting, bowling and fielding and confirm the rules of the non-competitive festivals.

“We’re very excited at the prospect of launching ladies cricket in Church Stretton and hope it is of interest to people.”

The main difference with ladies’ cricket is the use of a softer ball, but the key elements of the game remain the same.

Throughout a calendar year, festivals are held across the county on a Sunday, with clubs from across Shropshire taking part in teams of six, in six-over games.

Anyone interested in getting involved in ladies’ cricket at Church Stretton Cricket Club should email or call Rob on 07967 571044.

Alternatively, get in touch via new social media accounts that the club has recently launched as part of its centenary celebrations. Search @StrettonCricket on Facebook and Twitter to find out more.