WOOFFERTON stalwart Dave Thomas is celebrating his fifth decade playing men’s football in 2020 – and has his heart set on making it six decades in ten years’ time.

Thomas, 47, began playing in 1988 for Richards Castle and has also represented Lentwardine, Stoke St Milborough and Orleton but has spent the majority of his 32 playing years at Woofferton.

It was only in a recent Herefordshire League Division Two game against Credenhill Harriers that the milestone dawned on Thomas, who has now played in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s and 2020s.

Full-back Thomas, who is also club secretary at Woofferton, said: “A lot has changed in that time – back in the 1980s we used to play in all sorts of conditions.

“Now we don’t because of health and safety – whether that’s an improvement I don’t know. But the tackles have changed too, you used to be able to get away with a lot more!”

Not that Thomas is a ferocious tackler – he has only racked up six bookings during those five decades.

And he has no intention of hanging up his boots yet, adding: “I haven’t had an injury for years.

“Don’t listen to people who say you should stop because of your age – if you look after your body, just carry on. I’m going to hate it when I have to stop!

“We have some good young players coming through and if I have to make way for them I will. I take it season by season now, but you never know – I may reach the 2030s, that’d be six decades!"