THREE fighters from a Tenbury mixed martial arts club claimed dominant victories at a cage fighting event in Cheltenham.

Veteran James Baggerly and youngsters Cameron Bayliss and Harry James all triumphed for Roughnecks MMA Tenbury at an Ultra MMA Cage Fighting event held at Hatherley Manor Hotel.

Baggerly claimed a win on points while Bayliss and James recorded stunning quickfire submission victories on a fantastic night for Roughnecks.

The trio’s performances delighted trainer Simon Pearce, who said: “It was a great day for me to see all the work from the boys come right, and no injuries.

“The three wins perfectly demonstrated the different but hugely important skills of a fighter – fitness and determination, then speed together with power, and finally skill and calculation.

“It was a doubly good day for myself as two hours earlier I finally got my black Belt in Brazilian jujitsu after 16 years, from international grappling star Chico Mendes, taking Roughnecks’ credibility to a whole new level.”

Baggerly, 51, was the first of the Tenbury trio in action, dominating from the off against a much younger opponent in Dave Duggan, 24.

The older fighter used a host of punch combinations to boss the first round, taking his opponent to the floor in the process.

The next two rounds followed the same pattern and Baggerly was rewarded with a unanimous points victory after the final bell.

Next up was Bayliss, 20, who also got off to a quick start, attacking opponent Kieran Gill full out from the bell, backing him against the cage and going for the knockout.

Gill rallied and managed to get on top as the pair battled each other on the canvas but Bayliss, cheered on by raucous travelling support, showed his power by bridging his rival completely over and onto his back.

Gill then tried several times to get to his feet but Bayliss forced him around twice and finally sunk in a standing rear choke to submit his opponent in less than two minutes.

The final Tenbury fighter to compete was 19-year-old James who was up against an opponent 11kg heavier than him in the form of Gloucester’s Dave Woodman.

Unintimidated by the size differential, James launched across at Woodman straight from the bell, landing a long jab and smashing a kick into his thigh.

Woodman came back, swinging combinations which James slipped straight under to grab both of his lower legs and, on the second pull, took him over backwards.

The bigger man got up, throwing James to the side but the youngster held on to his arm and twisted himself around it, face to the ground, in a slick inverted armbar lock that forced Woodman to tap out inside 40 seconds.