UNITED in the the Community (UITC) are to cease operations due to a 'relationship breakdown' with Hereford FC.

According to UITC, Hereford have stated they want to take on the Academy in the New Year, while all other services currently offered by UITC will cease at the end of the 2017/18 season.

"It will be for Hereford Football Club to decide which elements they will continue that UITC currently provide," reads a UITC statement.

"The Trustees would like to express their sincere thanks to everyone who has supported us in the past three years.

"Self-funded, reliant on goodwill, donations and many hours of volunteer time, we are proud of our record in maintaining community provision on behalf of Hereford FC and the wider Herefordshire community: Untangling the historic mess left to us in 2014 and ensuring a stable basis for the organisation to prosper over 3 football seasons; doubling the number of registered academy players since 2014; creation of new under-18s girls team; record numbers of Soccer Schools and extension of our primary schools’ provision; investment/upgrading in the Central Park facility; early years daytime sessions; extending our coaching provision to even more primary schools throughout the county; in partnership with local charities, sport provision for young people with learning disabilities and young re-offenders as part of their rehabilitation programme; numerous first team appearances of UITC players.

"We hope that Hereford Football Club will step up and maintain community activity for the benefit of all people in Hereford City and the wider county, and wish it the best in this endeavour."