TWO Ludlow teams have made it through to the Shropshire Boccia County final in Shrewsbury next Friday (October 25).

Whitefriars 3Js and Whitefriars Sylvia and her Boys sealed the top two places in the Boccia Ludlow area heat.

Julie Stanness, Violet Proxton and Janet Tipton make up Whitefriars 3Js team, who took top spot with 36 points.

Sylvia Richards, David Bissel and Robin Brookes formed Whitefriars Sylvia and her Boys, who took the silver medal with 33 points.

Ludlow College assistant principal Rachel Seddon awarded medals to the winning teams.

Ten sports students at Ludlow College ran the registration, refereed, kept scores and served refreshments.

Preventative Services Team of Shropshire RCC are organising the tournament as part of an on-going initiative to promote activities for older people.

Boccia is a precision ball sport related to bowls and pétanque and can be played by individuals, pairs, or teams of three. 

The aim of the game is for people to throw leather balls as close as they can to a white target ball, or jack.

Tournament organiser Susie Hancock, from Shropshire RCC, said it was great for the Ludlow students to see older people enjoying competitive sport.

The Ludlow area heat scores: 1 Whitefriars 3Js (36), 2 Whitefriars Sylvia and her Boys (33), 3 SSHA Bishops Castle Cruisers (27), 4 Doddington Droplets (25), 5 Whitefriars 3 Ms (25), 6 Whitefriars Outsiders (16).

For more details, call Susie Hancock on 01743 342160.