PEOPLE are being urged to go on-line to help get a major boost for plans to make important improvements to the facilities at Tenbury swimming pool.

The group that takes the lead in planning the future for the pool and gym is hoping for a £25,000 grant but needs people to go on-line and register their support.

Tenbury Community Pool is a charity and owned by the people of Tenbury not the local authority.

Improvements to the pool have to be funded by donations, fundraising and grants.

“We want to update the current changing rooms and we have also applied for £25,000 grant to help us to put in disabled changing rooms,” said Jane Jenner, one of the directors of the charity.

“Mike Webb has put a lot of work into this grant application and it would be fantastic if we obtain the grant.

“We need as many votes as possible so would be very grateful if you could spare some time to register and vote for our application.”

Instructions have been made as to how to register support and as many people as possible are being asked to pass the message on to relatives and friends.

The process has been set out in detail and Mike Webb says that it takes just a few minutes to complete.

“Here’s how to vote for Tenbury Community Pool and Gym to get a £25,000 grant in simple steps, it looks complicated but only takes five minutes via email, Facebook or Twitter may be quicker,” he said.

“If you get stuck, the notes below may help.”

1 Register online to the One Family Foundation. See sign-up screen and click the green bar “Sign Up” to continue.

2 Complete the next page as “Your Data” example attached, click agree to T&Cs and this then generates an email into your inbox as confirmed by the “Almost There” message as attached, or you can use Facebook or Twitter.

3 Go to your email inbox and click on the link in the email from One Family as “emailed link” attached.

4 When you click this link you get the “Hello Message”, click this green bar that says start voting.

5 You will then see a list of all 214 community projects, in the “search for a project” bar type in “Tenbury” and our project will appear. Click More & Vote. The “Vote now” green box then changes to “Voted”.

6 You can then check your vote is cast by clicking on the “My Dashboard” and the bottom of the page confirms your vote. Then log out.

“Be sure to share this email with your family, friends and supporters and encourage them to vote for your project,” added Mike Webb.

“This is a national competition and it's first past the post with the most “online only” votes in this category that gets the £25,000.

“Let us show the UK that while Tenbury is a small town, we have a loud voice where our pool is concerned.”