BOOTS in the High Street is looking bare as the sign on the shop frontage has been removed. 

Although the chain announced stores were set to close a store employee has reassured customers that the missing sign does not mean Boots is set to leave Worcester.

The employee told Worcester News the store was not set to close and the sign had just been removed so it could be repaired.

Boots, leading health and beauty retailer, announced plans to cut thousands of jobs and close some UK branches last week.

This comes after financial difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The devastating 4000 job cuts amount to roughly to 7% of the company's entire workforce.

Boots also announced the closure of 48 Boots Opticians stores across the UK.

In the last three months, the retailer’s Opticians stores have faced a dramatic 72 per cent decrease in sales, compared to the same quarter last year.

Meanwhile, overall retail sales fell by 48 per cent in the past three months due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, even after a number of Boots stores remained open to customers.

It is not yet known which branches will be closing, the future of the High Street giant looks uncertain.