IT is tempting, with lockdown measures being eased and our favourite shops, pubs and restaurants re-opening, to become complacent.

It is easy to think the virus has basically gone away, but the outbreak of coronavirus at a farm near Malvern this weekend should serve as a timely reminder that this is far from over.

Even in Worcester this weekend we saw huge numbers of people come into the city, very few of whom appeared to be adhering to social distancing.

Until there are no more coronavirus cases at all, we must not forget the dangers of the last few months.

This virus is still killing people every day, and we would do well to remember that.

I suspect, as a nation, we are all slipping into a bit of coronavirus fatigue. The lockdown has gone on for so long, we are all getting fed up of it.

But it is there, even in its current form, for a reason, and that is to restrict the spread of coronavirus and save lives.

Hopefully, we can all re-focus and get back to staying safe.