SIR – Cllr Mel Alcott was right to be dismayed (Call to bring public bike hire to county, July 7) by the lack of ambition in the county council’s bid for funds to support cycling.

Cllr Alan Amos particularly has been criticised for calling increased cycling interest “a phase”. Having only achieved 50 per cent of the Active Travel funding available from Government he really needs some new ideas.

Cllr Amos’s half-hearted and prejudiced response to the government money is a disgrace.

This is an opportunity to encourage a real shift in the way people travel and Cllr Amos is failing us all by not taking advantage of government money to do so.

Up to now the emphasis has all been on promoting electric cars, but they’re still hugely expensive and power hungry.

Electric bikes would take car traffic off the road, reduce pollution and give users a cheap and convenient way of travelling.

Electric bikes require less effort and are safer too than normal cycles.

Many people are put off by the cost – but the county council has the buying power to negotiate discounts with suppliers and make them affordable, whether

rented or purchased.

So Cllr Amos, take heed of Cllr Alcott and get into the 21st century.


Lib-Dem Councillor, Pershore