THE remains of a fire and litter have been spotted by a walker on an abandoned golf course.

The image shows scorched grass along with many empty bottles of alcohol discarded on the old Tolladine Golf Club course.

City and county councillor Andy Roberts, who has worked in the fire service as an officer, said: “We’ve had an going issue in that area with antisocial behaviour and that’s why we’ve had the interaction team going out to teenagers warning them of their behaviour.

“It doesn’t mean to say teenagers are responsible for this and I don’t want to prejudge but this is clearly not great.

“I await an investigation by the fire service and police as to the cause.

"At this time of year grass is very dry so fires can start and take hold quickly.”

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In July 2018, we reported on the outbreak of fire at the location and two fire appliances to dampen grassland and there have been other fires previously.

Tolladine Golf Club was demolished in 2006 - three months after it closed because of debts of more than £125,000 and just before closure, firefighters were called to the fairway after the clubhouse was targeted in a suspected arson attack.

At the end of last year, the city council said vulnerable young people were living on site.

Residents in Otley Close reported their concerns to councillor Andy Roberts about the issue – with the youths understood to have been living in a shed.

Cllr Roberts said at the time he was made aware of an “impromptu campsite” on the club grounds around two weeks ago and he quickly flagged it up to the city council.

“There were residents who were concerned about young people making a sort of impromptu campsite on the golf course and living there,” said the councillor, who represents Warndon on the city and county councils.

“When it got reported to me, the concern was the safety of the young people going there.”

He contacted city council youth manager Ann Nicholls who went out to the site and “engaged with them and the police”, with local officers understood to have now cleared the site.

Cllr Roberts went on to say he understands they were gathering in a “big old shed” on the course grounds, which had been accessed near Otley Close, while mattresses and other living materials were found.

He emphasised it was “more than just a nuisance” issue and is unsure whether anything would have been done if residents had not made him aware.

The councillor added that in the past there have been problems with young people congregating and “smoking substances” on the course grounds – an issue which “every now and then resurfaces”.