University students and concerned parents are calling on Boris Johnson to allow students to terminate their accommodation contract early due to Covid-19.

University of Worcester student Luke Harris, who has moved home to Norfolk due to the pandemic, said: “I don’t think it's fair we should pay when we pretty much have no other choice but to leave.

“If we were leaving on our accord then yes, we should still have to pay. But these are strange circumstances that have forced most students into moving home.”

Ross Renton, Pro Vice Chancellor at the University of Worcester, said: “The University’s first concern has to be the wellbeing of those students who have remained living in University accommodation, often international students, or care leavers and those estranged from their families.

“We have been very active nationally in representing students’ interests on vital matters connected with rents and fees in particular. These are national questions which will need a national solution and we will let students know as soon as there is progress.

"Our students have been very understanding and supportive as we work through the many challenges we are all presented with, and we are grateful to them for everything they are all doing in these unprecedented times. We will of course continue to keep them updated throughout.”

In the wake of the closure of universities and school, a petition was set up, requesting the PM to allow students who have moved out not to pay their final rent instalment, the petition currently stands at 12,600 signatures after four days.