Well, after storm Ciara and storm Dennis, most of us have had our fill of the high winds and all the rain.

And when you see the television pictures of flooded landscapes and houses you begin to wonder how much water has fallen.

On Saturday I went to the shops and drove down the link road to Malvern. As I cross the New Bridge the river was so high and, of course, it had broken its banks and had spread out across the fields all the way down each side of the road.

It was a truly spectacular sight. It reminded me of the power of nature and the devastation that that brings.

It was still pouring with rain as I went about my business. But as I drove home into my house the skies cleared and for the first time in a long time there was blue sky above me.

And as if by magic right in front of my eyes are rainbow appeared. It was shimmering and the colours were so distinct that I could pick out each hue. I couldn’t help be reminded of the story of Noah.

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This is a troubling story in the bible in which God condemns the whole world apart from one family to be drowned because of their wickedness. I never know what to make of that story.

It seems to portray an angry God who for reasons best known to himself takes drastic and tyrannical actions.

But in the end, the floods ease off, dry land appears, and there is a rainbow in the sky that shows the world that God will never flood the entire earth again.

I think that this is probably just a mythological story also found in other world religions. But it is interesting to me that the story ends in hope and a promise.

So now as I think of those houses which have been flooded and those belongings which have been destroyed, I can only hope that eventually the people who are faced this chaos will have everything put right again.