SPARE a thought for those living in the Worcestershire town of Tenbury Wells yesterday.

There were 130 homes evacuated after flooding, brought on by heavy rain and rising river levels, was declared a ‘danger to life.’

Although not so severe closer to home, Storm Dennis also brought mayhem to the area as roads were closed, gardens flooded and one pub staff member was forced to barricade himself into a pub to try and stem the rising water.

Flooding is not new to many of those living along our rivers and there has been plenty of work done to try and ameliorate some of the problems.

But the severity and regularity with which we now see lives disrupted by extreme weather and flash flooding appears to be growing.

If these stormy times are a sign of a changing climate, then there will be many feeling this weekend that it is time to do more than just hope for the best.

The disruption may be merely an inconvenience to most but we owe it to those who have fled their homes in danger not just to move on.