‘I FELT like a movie star’- says winner of Support Staff of the Year Award.

Kay Barrett, retired secretary from Bowbrook House School, said: “When I received the news that I had been nominated For the Support Staff of the Year Award in the Worcestershire Education Awards 2019 and later was informed that I was one of the finalist I must confess I was lost for words. In fact, I had to phone the lady back as I was completely taken aback by the news.

"I felt extremely honoured and humbled to have been considered for this award especially with so many other worthy nominees.”

She added: “On the Gala Awards Night I was surrounded by my own family and my work family from Bowbrook House School. It was a wonderful night and when my name was called out as the winner of the award I was overwhelmed with emotions.

"Although the award had been presented to me, I wanted to share it with my Bowbrook family for they had allowed me - to be me with their caring support throughout the years I had been at the school enabling me to enjoy my job as a member of a highly valued team.

“The next few weeks after I had been presented with the award were amazing. I felt like a movie star, as the quote goes everyone has their 15 minutes of fame and mine was in June last year and went on for a great deal longer.

"I wish everyone who is nominated for an award this year the best of luck and enjoy the moment.”

Mrs Barrett retired in July last year after being at the school in Peopleton, near Pershore for 11 years. She was nominated four times for an award.

Headteacher Christopher Allen said: “She is the consummate professional, she is the epitome of the school's core values. Her calmness under pressure when faced with poorly children, busy parents, coach delays, road traffic accidents, games injuries, sickness epidemics, stressed teenagers, escaped pigs. are all are dealt with calmly and with good humour.”