Turn it on again for a Genesis tribute at Worcester's Huntingdon Hall.

The show focusses on a particular moment in the history of the band, when everything could have gone so badly wrong.

The super-gifted Peter Gabriel and his fine head of hair had left to band, only to enjoy a string of solo mega-hits.

Stepping into his shoes was the relatively unknown "singing drummer" Phil Collins, who conspicuously had far less hair than Gabriel, and seemed at first to be an odd choice for a replacement front man.

But it all came glorious right. The rest, as they say, was history.

A spokesman said: "G2 Definitive Genesis perform the classic 'Seconds Out” period in Genesis’s long and colourful history, original lead singer Peter Gabriel had recently departed only to be replaced by their relatively unknown “singing” drummer Phil Collins.

"Rather than being doomed to failure, the four man era of Hackett, Banks, Rutherford and Collins lifted the band’s fame to even greater heights with the studio albums Trick Of The Tail and Wind & Wuthering."

For Genesis, in fact, these were the golden years.

The spokesman added: Successive world tours finishing with three sold out shows at London’s Earls Court and the subsequent release of their double live album 'Seconds Out' lifted the band to supergroup status!"

And what about this tribute?

"Dance On A Volcano, Ripples, Entangled, Los Endos, Blood On The Rooftops, One For The Vine, Afterglow, mixed up with the classics of the Gabriel years, this is Vintage Genesis performed to a level even Genesis would be proud of!"

The date for the diary is Saturday, April 4.

Tickets: 01905 611427.