WHILST, for better or worse, anti-terrorism measures have become a feature of huge cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester, the thought of the same measures needed in Worcester was perhaps one we were not so willing to admit.

Worcester City Council has revealed it wants to spend £250,000 installing a number of bollards and other anti-terrorism measures throughout the city centre to protect residents and visitors in Worcester if the unimaginable did happen.

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Whilst it is great to see so many events so well attended, and as the popularity of events such as the Victorian Fayre, which sees thousands and thousands from all over travel to Worcester, continue to rise, it does mean the city could, sadly, become a bigger target in the future.

They may be ugly but they are there to do a very important job.

The safety of the people in Worcester is not something that should really be compromised.

With that it seems the council has taken the sensible choice of making sure the city can be protected if it needs to be.