THEY say news is often negative. But today our front page is unashamedly positive.

Test results have shown Oscar Saxelby-Lee is free from leukaemia following specialist treatment overseas. The relief of his family is palpable. They dared to dream of a better future for Oscar - despite the odds being stacked firmly against him - and, after months of setbacks, at last their faith has been rewarded.

Oscar, just five, remains very ill. The treatment has wiped out the disease - but also destroyed his own healthy cells. He must now climb another mountain - undergo a second bone marrow transplant - recover and remain cancer free before he can say he is cured.

But this particular step feels like a giant leap - not just for Oscar but for the other children around the world who may one day follow in his footsteps.

Oscar's mum Olivia has thanked the community - you - for holding them together with 'non-stop love and prayers'.

But no doubt this wonderful news is all the thanks any of you need.

Good luck with your next step, Oscar.