Dear Sir,

Following the outcome of the recent General Election the Scottish National Party are arguing that because they obtained the majority of seats in Scotland there should now be a further Referendum

on Scottish independence.

This interpretation of the result is based on the fact that when voting for the SNP the majority of people in Scotland were voting for independence. This may, in fact, not be the case at all.  

Given that most people in Scotland voted to remain in the EU then it is equally conceivable that those voting for the SNP were doing so as they regarded the Party as only option available to them to stop Brexit. 

Unfortunately, this lack of clarity is another example of the problems that occur when a major single issue, like Brexit, confuses the outcome of a General Election which in itself can never fairly reflect the views of the majority of those voting under our current 'First Past The Post' voting system.

Yours faithfully

Mike Levins