Happy New Year and decade to everyone. A new Parliament has gathered this week to implement the Conservative manifesto – Get Brexit Done, increase NHS funding, level up to fairer school funding and recruit more police.

Thank you to the voters of West Worcestershire people; those people who backed me and the Conservatives again but also everyone who braved the bad weather to have their say in the polling booths.

It’s my job to work on behalf of all of you. No one really wanted to hold a short notice election in the run-up to Christmas, so I thank everyone who made democracy possible – the council staff, the polling day teams and the other candidates who stood for election.

Thanks to those who volunteered and organised hustings. Democracy is profoundly humbling. I have great respect for those who put their name forward for public office and I was pleased to see so many female candidates come forward, both locally and nationally.

The strong Conservative majority will give the Government a platform to deliver your priorities for the new decade. Once we’ve got Brexit done, we will be able to carve an optimistic future for our country becoming a beacon for free trade. We will be able to start a new and deep friendship with our nearest neighbours which is different from membership of the EU, but which is close and cooperative.

We’ll also be able to deliver on other major issues which featured on the doorstep – climate change, support for our farmers and delivering continued economic growth and jobs. The manifesto set out important international commitments – to continue our spending on defence and international aid.

Some of you will have already read about the commitment to raise the National Living Wage by 6.2 per cent from April; we all want to see hard-working people rewarded for their efforts and taking more of their pay packet home with the increase in tax thresholds.

I’m sure you will see more positive news as the Chancellor prepares for his Budget. Top of my list will be my continued campaign to deliver the right funding for our local schools and to make sure enough money is allocated to the right priorities in our local NHS.

I look forward to being part of a strong Government which delivers on its election pledges and ensures that Global Britain has an exciting and prosperous future.