SIR – During this festive break, I found myself in reflective discussion (as yer do) with a dear old friend and colleague, one with long experience and in-depth knowledge of local civic life.

The conversation turned to the problems in the local NHS (as it often does, including in this organ and on this page, specifically).

My friend recounted what was, to me, an astonishing memory: that, when County Hall was being built, one of its architects had told him that “of course, it’s been designed so that it may easily be converted for use as a hospital”.

 My own experience is that, even in Herefordshire & Worcestershire days, County Hall was by no means overcrowded; and, even though it now, I believe, has an additional occupant, it cannot be described as “full”.

In addition, rather than spending what little capital may become available on a multi-storey car park at WRH (as described by Robin Walker, MP, and others), there would appear to be much cheaper car parking solutions at County Hall.

True, there are severe parking problems at WRH, but even more critical than that is the problem of bed-shortages.

 I confess that I’ve not been in County Hall, or been connected with the NHS (except as a grateful patient) for around 15 years, but I am wondering whether this option has been considered.

On the face of it, it would certainly appear to present a cost-effective solution, since building-conversion will usually be less expensive than new-build, for which little new money will be forthcoming, I fear.

 Will this flag, which I fly unashamedly and optimistically, be saluted by anyone in authority? If not, let’s have the reasons.

 Happy New Year to one and all,

David Barlow