THE news that more than 20 ambulances had to queue outside Worcester’s hospital one night last week feels like another new low, but sadly it is not surprising.

Experts predicted a winter NHS crisis, and we are seeing it. As we always stress, none of this is the fault of the hard working and brilliant staff at our city’s hospital, or the ambulance staff who will also have been stuck outside too.

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They are powerless and are let down by a shortage of beds and enough colleagues to cope with demand.

How can it be in the 21st century that at some hospitals nationally their computer systems even now include 'corridors', as if that is a hospital room.

The problem, as always, comes down to funding. The government keeps saying NHS spending is up - but are we seeing a huge difference where it matters?

It was one of the major themes in this month's general election, and the government's commitment to provide more money has to come to fruition fast, as we enter 2020.

Our readers, NHS staff, deserve better, and expect to see improvements.