Theatre-goers were treated to a show with a storyline that was played out through Hereford's streets.

With their 20th birthday approaching, 2Faced Dance Co knew they wanted to create a celebratory event that would prove unforgettable.

And in the last week, they've done just that with The Box of Delights, a delicious combination of a magical promenade performance and a theatrical three- course dinner in the transformed ballroom of the Green Dragon Hotel in Broad Street.

2Faced's manager, Lisa Sullivan, said that, with so many moving parts, it was a challenge to bring everything together.

On opening night 2Faced and their audience may well have been the only people in Hereford to welcome the blanket of fog that descended on the city, bringing with it a slightly eerie and timeless quality that enhanced the performance. Adapted by Tim Evans from Herefordshire's Poet Laureate John Masefield's 1935 novel, the show followed schoolboy Kay Harker, who finds himself in possession of The Box of Delights, a box with magical properties that he must keep out of the hands of others who want its magic for nefarious purposes.

The ambition of the event, directed by Tim Evans and Tamsin Fitzgerald, was breathtaking, starting in one place – De Koffie Pot – where the scene was set for a game of cat-and-mouse through Hereford's most historic streets – up Gwynne Lane into Cathedral Close where a dramatic surprise awaited, before heading into Church Street and a bravura performance by a group of wheelchair dancers led by Kris Saunders-Stowe.

The show delighted its audience with the imagination at play and the quality of performance... and by just how daringly different it was. But this was clearly a team effort and required the collaboration of all its partners – once you've eaten dinner in the Green Dragon's ballroom with a stage running its entire length and witnessed dancers flying through the air while you eat, it's impossible to imagine anywhere better to have staged The Box of Delights.