AFTER weeks of hard-fought campaigning, today is day when the city finally heads to the polls to choose who it wants to represent in parliament.

Conservative candidate Robin Walker is hoping to be re-elected for a fourth time in nine years but Labour’s Lynn Denham, who is hoping to be the city’s first female MP, is standing in his way.

The bookies have placed Mr Walker as favourite at 1/10 with Mrs Denham second favourite at 11/2.

Far behind is Liberal Democrat candidate Stephen Kearney at 50/1 and even further is Green Party candidate at 500/1.

A poll by YouGov published on Wednesday found Mr Walker would likely get re-elected in Worcester with around 48 per cent of the vote. As many have predicted, it will be a two-horse race in the city between Labour and Conservative. The poll also estimated Mrs Denham would receive around 40 per cent of the vote.

Brexit and whether the country leaves the European Union will no doubt play a major part in today’s voting. More than half of Worcester voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum – with 57 per cent voting to leave.

Several high-profile politicians have visited the city on the campaign trail with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn arriving to support Mrs Denham on Monday and Chancellor Sajid Javid supporting Mr Walker during a visit to Worcester Bosch last month.

Mr Walker was first elected in 2010 with a majority of 2,982 – defeating long-standing Labour MP Mike Foster. He has been re-elected two times since with a 5,646 majority in 2015 and a 2,490 majority in 2017.


Martin Potter, Independent
“Politics is broken. The Brexit process has forfeited trust. 
“The parties make grandiose spending promises, when they can only be financed by borrowing, and we’ve not run a balanced budget since the early 2000s. Debt will soar further, for future generations to pay off.
“By voting independent, you will be voting to Keep Boris Honest and not just Brexit-in-Name-Only. 
“You will be voting for a balanced budget, using savings from EU contributions to fund additional capacity at Worcester Royal, filling NHS vacancies and other infrastructure improvements. 
“You will be voting to encourage small businesses and clean up politics.”

Stephen Kearney, Lib Dem
“Your country and Worcester need you to vote with your heart and head.
“Your heart to care for our children, our elderly, our homeless, our sick and our environment. 
“Your head to generate the business growth needed to fund it all, without plunging our country into debt.
“The Lib Dems are the only party with a proven budget, who aren’t making you unrealistic promises.
“We have the experience and plan to create a Better Britain.”
“Vote for an inclusive economy that supports everyone. Vote Lib Dem”

Louis Stephen, Green
“Your vote is precious. 
“You are more powerful than you know, you have the power to sack the government and vote for the values that are important to you, your friends and your family. 
“This has been the ugliest campaign I have ever seen and like many I just want it to be over. 
“But a vote for the Conservatives will unfortunately not bring an end to the Brexit chaos – it will be just the start of the many years it will take to negotiate all the trade deals. 
“If you want more action on facing down the climate emergency and you want a final say on Brexit please vote Green.”

Robin Walker, Conservative
“From what I have heard speaking to people on doorsteps, the people of Worcester want to know that they have been listened to.
“I promised in 2017 that I would respect the referendum result, as did Labour, and Labour has broken has that promise and I want to keep it. 
“When it comes to our public services, I want to make sure we have more money for schools and for hospitals. I will carry on campaigning to make sure Worcester has more money for rail and for roads.
“This is a fantastic city that we can continue to make even better but first we need to get Brexit done. Labour are clearly breaking their promises and I want to make sure we leave.”

Lynn Denham, Labour

"Worcester voters have an important choice to make today.

"Do you want our nurses, our teachers and our children to get the support and the investment that they need?

"The economy is not working for us when the foodbank is when the foodbank is getting busier and the shops are getting busier and the shops are getting quieter.

"I spent my whole working life in the NHS. I can't bear to see more cruel decisions and broken promises.

"We need to put people before privilege and an MP who will put Worcester before Westminster.

"Vote for hope. Vote Labour for real change and for Worcester's first woman MP."