TWO fundraising pages have been set up for a charity which has suffered financially following a vandalism attack.

Headway Worcestershire’s building, otherwise known as The Mill, which is based in Gregory’s Mill Street, was burgled on November 28.

Staff from the brain injury charity appealed for support following the break in.

Fundraising and marketing manager, Mandie Fitzgerald said: "We are so very touched by the Worcester community in support of Headway Worcestershire after our recent burglary. We have received so many kind and thoughtful messages via social media.”

The burglar entered the building after breaking the fire door and then caused damage to the walls and doors which will need to be repaired.

Tom Horton, who set up a funding page said: “I was absolutely appalled to read the article in Worcester news about a recent break-in, where substantial damage has been caused, and funds have been taken.”

Mr Horton added: “As someone who has been involved with the charity before, it is devastating to read articles like this and I feel that something has to be done, so this is the reason why I have set up this JustGiving page.”


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The funding page has so far raised £45. To donate, visit:

Another funding page was set up by Alicia Hammersley-Fenton from The Specialist Law Group.

The company is also organising a raffle where the money raised will be donated to charity.

Miss Fitzgerald added: "It’s amazing that Tom and Alicia have taken the time and trouble to set up these fundraising pages in support of the charity, realising the financial implications on us after such an event.

"A heartfelt thanks to everyone that has supported us over the last few days."