A DISUSED petrol station could be turned into apartments and a gym after an application to re-open it was withdrawn.

A plan had been put forward for the former Countrywide stores and petrol station, at Upton, to re-install the underground fuel tanks and use it as a petrol station again.

However, despite the town’s planning committee approving it, in August, the application was unexpectedly withdrawn in September with no reason given by the applicant.

Now, more than two months later, a new application has been submitted for approval to turn the site into homes and a gym.

The application says the existing shop on-site will be demolished along with the house at 3 Hanley Road.

In its place will be built a two-storey building with a convenience store at ground floor level.

The store will have “staff welfare facilities” on the first floor along with a two-bed apartment and a gymnasium.

The application will go before Upton Town Council’s planning committee at its next meeting on December 10.

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Back in August, it looked as if the town would get its petrol station back as councillors unanimously approved the original application which was to install two new 40,000 gallon underground fuel tanks on the site, with a view to re-opening the petrol station.

There are currently four disused fuel tanks on the site and records state that two of these were filled with concrete in 2000 and two were filled with water in 2018.

When it was originally discussed, councillor Neil Baldwin praised the speed of the application saying: “It is a good thing that they have found someone to take it on so quickly.”