MP Harriett Baldwin joined food producers to celebrate a bumper apple and pear crop in Worcestershire this year.

Good weather conditions through the spring and summer have meant that county growers are reporting excellent crops.

Harriett chatted to Suckley farmer Ali Capper, who is chair of the British Apple and Pear Association, at a reception at the House of Parliament.

The event was held to encourage more people to buy apples and pears with the return of the An Apple a Day promotional campaign. British apple and pears will be available in shops shortly.

Mrs Baldwin said: "I’m always happy to speak up for local produce, but it was an extra bonus to see Ali Capper in Westminster promoting our fine apples and pears.

“I was told that this year has seen a bumper crop but inevitably this comes with the challenge of getting the staff to pick the precious fruit.

“West Worcestershire is home to many small and large producers, and I was grateful for Ali to take the time to come to London to talk about the challenges of picking and selling their fruit in the middle of their busy time.”

Ali Capper said: “We are flat out with the harvest at home. It’s very exciting to be involved with British apples and pears. The new campaign focus is on health, snacking and the younger generations.

“It was great to see Harriett at Westminster and we were very grateful for her support.”