MADAM - What absolute and utter tosh Margot James, Independent MP for Stourbridge, has written in her column of the Stourbridge News (September 5).

She weeps how personally difficult it has been betraying her friends and colleagues in the Conservative Party; how she has betrayed the 62% of Stourbridge voters who voted to "Leave" the EU and 17.4 million voters who agreed with Stourbridge voters. Then finally, because she can't even take the responsibility of her own decision she puts the blame on Dominic Cummings a political advisor to the Prime Minister.

She should at least have the political guts to own what she did.

Furthermore she then voted for a bill that will force this country to accept any extension and conditions the EU cares to make in a letter she expects the PM to sign.

In effect, what our PM calls, a surrender letter.

Voting for Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement wasn't her get out of jail free "leave" credentials. It was voted down by Parliament because it was a sham of a deal.

Her only honourable course of action now is to call a by-election and let those voters, whom she so readily claims to represent, have the final decision.

Or will she claim as Anna Sourbry, Chuka Umunna and others have done, that the only democratic way to represent us all is to keep enjoying the paycheck and privileges.

John Harris