A NETBALL team has celebrated 10 years of friendship by winning their first league title.

Malvern Springs, set up in 2009 won their first Worcester City Summer League title and celebrated their 10th anniversary, winning 13 out of their 14 games and losing just one game all season.

Charlotte Waugh, operations manager for the team, said: “My sister and I set up the team 10 years ago because we decided we would like to have our own club.

“Since then it has grown and grown into something really special.

“We now have six teams playing in different leagues and most of the team that won the league this year was there at the beginning.

“Now we have got these teams we can get more people involved in learning how to play and developing their skills.

“It is more than just volleyball, we are a real sisterhood and there are some real best friends who have started friendships through playing together.

“Playing a sport is great for your mental and physical health as well.”

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The team has also worked tirelessly to bring the game of netball to Malvern, which was not very prominent 20 years ago.

Charlotte added: “It is a massive achievement that we have been able to promote the game in Malvern as the town didn’t really have much of a team 20 years ago.

“We’ve waited a long time for this accolade which years ago we never could have dreamed of achieving.

“It has been a very special year for us as a local club.

Anyone who wants to get involved with Malvern Springs and take up netball can contact the team on malvernsprings@live.co.uk or contact Charlotte Waugh on 07984 430 843.

The Worcester City Netball League runs two affiliated competitions throughout the year: the Winter Indoor League (6 divisions) and Summer League (7 divisions).

For more about the league, go to www.wcnl.co.uk