THE family of a "kind and thoughtful" Bromyard teenager have installed a bench so he can be remembered by everyone, two years after he died.

Harry Brodie was 19 when he was involved in a road traffic accident in 2017, and his family have brought together many of his interests in the bench's design.

It features a copy of his own guitar, and the opening line from the first song he learned to play on it.

"The idea of the bench and its design was born from a number of things," his family said.

"We needed a place where everyone could come and remember Harry. A place that was quiet and incorporated a spectacular view of the (Bromyard) Downs. We wanted it to reflect nature which came from Harry's enjoyment of woodland walks, so wood was the first choice.

"The Guitar engraved in the wood is a copy of his own and the music is the first line from Guns N' Roses' Sweet Child o' Mine, which was the first song he learnt to play on it (self taught)."

The bench was made by local tradesman Guy James, and has been put on a section of grass between Winslow Road and Lower Thorn in the market town.

"We already know the bench has brought pleasure and a place of thought to many," the family added.

"Not only from people who knew Harry but also people who didn't but have used the location to have their own thoughts of missing loved ones.

"We hope people will continue to enjoy the bench well into the future and to help us all celebrate the good times we had with Harry."