A HEREFORDSHIRE organisation which cares for vulnerable hedgehogs has the support of a four-year-old boy who is fundraising to buy some specialist kit.

Charlie Sockett helps out at Help for Hogs, a self-funded rescue in Shobdon, near Leominster, as they care for sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs. Charlie goes to the rescue every weekend and fills the outside feeders and cleans the water sources.

Seeing the numbers increase, Charlie decided he wanted to raise money to buy a Brinsea TLC incubator for all of the orphaned baby hedgehogs to give them the best chance to recover.

With the help of family friend, Claire James, Charlie came up with an idea to sell hedgehog pencils made with pine cones at Shobdon Food and Flying Festival earlier this month, and managed to raise £133.55.

If you see a hedgehog out in the daytime that looks like it needs a helping hand, you can contact Help for Hogs on 01568 708059 or 07766 708884.