A DISTRAUGHT pet owner says she's being forced to rehome her cat after it was shot along with its litter mate.

Chloe Wright said her cat, Rosa, crawled home in agony after being shot with what a vet described as a 'pointed pellet', used to cause the maximum damage.

Rosa died the next day and, just days later, another of Ms Wright's cats, Kali, also suffered two pellet wounds.

However, the other cat, Kali, survived.

Two weeks later, Kali was shot again - it went straight through her abdomen, through her pancreas, a kidney and pierced her intestine and small intestine in five different places

Kali was in the vets for over a week costing Ms Wright over £4000.

Kali spent a short time recovering and was let outside again - only to be shot again last Sunday.

Ms Wright, 23, said: “I won’t let Kali outside again around here as I’m scared she will be killed just like Rosa was."

Ms Wright from Hill Side in Kempsey, said she moved to the village from Worcester to provide a safer environment for her children Josh, 2, and Luca, 4 months.

Ms Wright said: “I remember the evening in March when Rosa came crawling back in agony after being out playing all day having fun.

“She was screaming - it was heartbreaking.

“I took Rosa straight to the vets and she was given antibiotics to treat what was thought to be a bite wound.

“The vet x-rayed her and found a pellet wound - not a rounded pellet used for target practice but a pointed round designed to pierce flesh to kill.

“Whoever shot her was trying to cause serious damage.

“She died the day after she was shot - I think the pellet had done too much damage.”

Charlotte Butler, from Vets4Pets, in Worcester, which treated the rescued cats, said: “The shooter needs to be caught quickly before any more damage is done.

“Anyone concerned should keep their pets indoors and any information needs be passed to the police.

“Make sure your animal is microchipped so if found injured by a member of the public, we can trace the owner quickly.”

Ms Wright believes the killer lives in the area and the Worcester News reported last year on the death of Lucy Nicklin’s cat, Bella. Bella was also shot in Kempsey.

Vets at the time confirmed she was also killed with a pellet gun.

Ms Wright is now searching for a new home for Kali. She said: “She will be rehomed outside of Kempsey as I think it would be selfish of me to keep her as a permanent house cat when she has been used to roaming free.

"I’ve started asking family and friends if they could give a home as it would be nice to see how she’s doing.

“She would love somewhere rural as she likes hunting mice.”

Anyone with information on the shooting of the two cats, which happened in March, is asked to call police on 101.

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