SCHOOLS in Worcestershire are going plastic free in a bid to reduce waste and raise environmental awareness.

St Barnabas CE Primary School launched its Plastic Free School project aimed at using as little plastic as possible with a view to eventually being entirely plastic-free.

Where possible the school wants to stop using items such as plastic bags, straws, bottles and food packaging in favour of sustainable alternatives, educating pupils about the impact plastic has on the environment.

Deputy headteacher Kate Robertson said: “One of our governors was really keen for us to do something to raise awareness of the environment, and with May 8 being David Attenborough’s birthday, we decided to launch our campaign on that day.

“One thing we have done is get in touch with the dairy that provides our milk and ask if they could provide it to us in big bottles rather than in individual cartons.

“The response from the pupils has been excellent and everyone has been getting behind it.

“Not many schools are doing this but the Secretary of Education said he wants to see all schools go plastic-free by 2022 so we thought ‘why wait’ and decided to jump straight in.”

Upton Snodsbury CE First School has also launched a plastic project called ‘Plastic Planet Promises’.

The project, which encourages pupils, parents, teachers and local organisations to make pledges to reduce their daily single-use plastic usage.

Rachel Mayo, from the school said: “It started off as a class project but we wanted to show that even though we are a small school, small ripples can make big waves.

“The Facebook page we set up is growing and we are hoping to reach as many people and organisations as possible.”