POLICE have linked up with a county petrol station in a new move to stop motorists driving from away without paying for fuel.

The Esso station on The Homend in Ledbury became the first garage in the county to sign up to the "We Don't Buy Crime" scheme.

Funded by the Police Crime Commissioner (PCC), officers hope the project will stop the stickers on fuel pumps will remind drivers they are being watched and that the fuel station is working with police.

Sgt Ram Aston said the force was excited to launch the We Don't Buy Crime - 'Have you paid for your fuel?' scheme in Herefordshire.

"The scheme was launched in Telford nearly six months ago and we have had great success with working with the staff at fuel stations to reduce the number of people driving off without paying for fuel," he added.

"As part of this work we are working with the staff at the Ledbury fuel station to not just help prevent the number of people making off without paying but also help staff spot the signs someone may be vulnerable or exploited and encourage them that, if they have any suspicions at all, or if a car leaves without paying for fuel, to contact police on 101."

He expected a number of other fuel stations to join the scheme over the next few weeks.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: "I was pleased to support officers in displaying this signage, as well as delivering important messages about how the staff can play a key role in helping the police by being the eyes and ears within the community."

"We are also working closely with the associated business in proximity to fuel stations, such as coffee shops, snack bars, cafes and hotels."