A PUPIL has released her first album and is set to perform at a music festival this summer.

King’s Sixth Form pupil, Nicole Sherwood has launched her first music solo and EP, which includes five songs - three covers and two originals.

Nicole’s music career kicked off when her parents gifted her five recording sessions as a Christmas present and then set about working extra hours in her part time job to help buy more. After a full

day recording and three days edit, the EP “Back to Front” was born.

Nicole said: “It was such fun in the recording studio, but the really exciting bit is sharing this live for the first time – not even my family have heard me sing the full set.”

Nicole also added that Back to Front relates to the way in which she approaches writing music, adding: “Most people write the music first and then add the lyrics to this, however I do things the other way around, lyrics first and then music. Hence, I do things ‘back to front’.

"I take in all my emotions and see how I feel – this is what inspires me when writing my songs.”

While singer-songwriter Adele is a major inspiration in Nicole’s life, she says her family is her biggest inspiration, adding: “My mum inspires me and has always supported me with my music. She also used to be musical however never followed it through.”

Nicole is set to perform at Wolvesfest in June – a festival situated at Wolverhampton Rugby Club which caters for a capacity up to 2,000 people.

Speaking about the festival, the 16-year-old said: “I am so excited, but it will also be very nerve wracking as I have never performed at a festival before.”

Alongside studying for A levels, Nicole is an active musician at King’s School , in Worcester, and a keen member of the school choir. She also recently formed a pop band with two other pupils.

Nicole is studying Chemistry, Biology and Maths and aspires to be a doctor or musician, adding: “Being a musician has always been a dream of mine and I hope one day my career will take off.”

Nicole took an interest to music at the age of six when she joined her church choir and has been learning to play the piano since the age of 14.

Back to Front will be available to buy online from April 26.


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