RESIDENTS campaigning to keep open a Worcester library have handed in a petition, ahead of the latest protest this weekend.

The group, called Save St John’s Library Services, started the campaign amid fears the

Glebe Close library service could be cut, or even closed.

The petition was launched last year after Worcestershire County Council said it intended to slash £1 million from its library budget by the end of the financial year in 2021, as a result of cuts to local government funding.

This was later changed to £800,000, the authority saying this was done after speaking with the public.

The petition attracted 2,250 signatures, and yesterday was handed in to the county council.

Christopher Gallantree-Smith, the campaigner who handed in the petition, said: “We hope it will make a difference.

“The hope is the county council will take notice of the feelings of the residents, against any possible closure of the wonderful service the library provides.”

Mark Davies, a local resident and campaigner said: “We have collected 2250 signatures on petitions.

“We have had two successful public meetings of over 30 people each time at the library.

“This is a community resource St John’s cannot afford to lose.”

Sean McCauley, campaigner and user of St John’s library, encouraged people to join them at a protest outside St John’s Library this 11am, on Saturday.

"Enough is enough - a decade of decimation has seen the council slash its services by £168 million. No more cuts," he said.

Hannah Needham, assistant director of communities at Worcestershire County Council, said: “Worcestershire County Council has received a petition regarding St John’s Library. This petition will be noted in the consultation feedback. Libraries Transformation will be discussed at Cabinet in June 2019.”

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