MADAM - Having just read in a newspaper how the BBC has misrepresented the facts on people receiving Universal Credit, ie. they alleged they were not getting the credit they deserved, but in fact it was because they lied about the true amounts they were receiving, or they had failed to comply with the DWP rules, such failing to apply for jobs as is required.

This brings me onto food banks, because some of those on the Panorama feature stated they had to rely on them to survive.

When driving along the A38 a couple of weeks ago, opposite the caravan dealers I saw some travellers with horses and traditional caravans on the roadside verge,(obviously camped for a few days). I have no axe to grind in respect of these travellers, and generally I believe they make a living somehow as they travel.

However when I saw that the Redditch Food Bank was there delivering trays of eggs and no doubt other food items, again I question actually who benefits from these food banks, and suspect many are spending their benefits on other things, such as mobile phones, cigarettes and alcohol.

Peter Hayward