A COMPLAINT has been submitted against a male city councillor who allegedly made a sexist remark to a female officer during an election briefing.

Women’s Equality Party (WEP) candidate Leisa Taylor said the unnamed Conservative councillor, who is standing for re-election on May 2, told the officer to “give us a twirl” during the Guildhall event.

Ms Taylor, who is standing in the Bedwardine ward, believes herself and another candidate filed complaints but did not wish to reveal the name of the accused Tory councillor.

She said he made the remark after the officer stood up to introduce herself to all the candidates at the event on March 18.

“It was completely inappropriate,” continued Ms Taylor, who is leader of Worcester WEP. “For him to think that he can get away with that is appalling.

“There was a mumble of giggles. He made this comment to get some his cronies to laugh.

“This shouldn’t be happening, essentially making women feel small for their own amusement.

“Me and my colleagues took a sharp intake of breath. I’m guessing the other officers didn’t hear it,” she added.

Ms Taylor went on to say she believes there is “opposition in the city council to genuine change for equality”.

Referring to the row surrounding likes of pornographic images on Warndon Parish North Labour candidate Andy Graham's Twitter pages, she said the council needs a culture change.

"With men making up three-quarters of the city council, there is a risk that this will be pushed under the carpet by the 'old boys network' or, worse passed off as just 'locker room' talk.

"WEP campaign hard around these sexist, outdated points of view and we see the objectification of women and sexist 'banter' as one end of the continuum with extreme violence against women and girls at the other end."

Ms Taylor said the Women's Equality Party is calling for a full inquiry into Mr Graham's actions, including looking at why Labour didn't monitor his social media more closely.

A council spokesman said: “A complaint has been received in relation to the candidates’ and agents’ briefing event on March 18 and this is being dealt with by the council’s monitoring officer.”