A CITY councillor has warned residents not to pay for services which offer to fix bad TV signals near 4G network masts - as the problem can be solved for free.

Cllr Stephen Hodgson, who represents Warndon Parish North at Worcester City Council, has received many reports of poor TV signals near to a mobile mast in Warndon.

The problem stems from a mast opposite Haywain Avenue which now emits a 4G signal - meaning Freeview users now experience loss of sound, blank screens, no signal messages and constant freezing.

Some frustrated viewers have paid to fix the issue unaware that a company called at800 offers free support to homes that watch TV through Freeview.

Cllr Hodgson said the bulk of reports have come from a cluster of roads off Plantation Drive including Purleigh Avenue, Birchanger Green, Cangle Lane, Wryflatt, Burtree Avenue and Woolmead Row.

"I just want to make people aware that there is a company that will help them out if there signal is poor and they are affected by the new 4G signal from the mast,” he said.

"I've been told that residents have been paying to sort this problem out and there really is no need for that."

You are more likely be affected if you live close to a new 4G mast, are in an area with weak digital television reception or have a TV signal booster. Satellite and cable services such as Sky and Virgin Media are not affected.

4G mobile signals transmit at 800 MHz which interferes with Freeview because the signal is transmitted through an aerial.

Plans to modify the existing mast for a 4G signal were quickly accepted by the city council as not much work would be needed and it would bring faster network signal to the area.

at800 also offers extra support for people who are 75 years of age or older, are registered blind or partially sighted or receive some benefits.

Any viewers who experience interference should call at800 for free on 0808 1313 800 or visit at800.tv.