COUNCILLORS eventually decided to defer after a bitter battle to block an application for a nursing home going through.

A nursing home in Corbett Avenue, Droitwich is hoping to expand next door, with four extra rooms to be used for patients.

However, the site is a semi-detached house, with the owner of the house next door Jason Wathes left furious by the plans.

Mr Wathes said: "At present the nursing home is next door but one. Having 44 as a nursing home will cause an increase in noise and detrimentally affect our quality of life.

"We already have a great deal of noise in the early morning due to their daily rubbish collections, milk deliveries and distressed patients.

"We currently hear ambulances and staff coming and going 24 hours a day.

"My family have lived here for 35 years.

"One recent episode involved an elderly woman screaming ' help me' throughout the day and night for several days. This caused my children a great deal of concern."

In reply, a spokesman for the applicant said that Worcestershire Regulatory Services had done tests and not had any noise issues, although councillors voted to defer so more tests could be carried out.

Councillors repeatedly tried to reject the application but David Hammond, planning and housing services manager at Wychavon said that their reasons would not be strong enough to hold up on appeal as they were not "proper" planning reasons.

Mr Hammond said: "There is no technical evidence for rejection and costs could be awarded against us."

This to and fro lasted for almost an hour as councillors tried to force the plan through.

Cllr Tom Noyes claimed that the applicant's "human rights" would be infringed, slamming the current planning process.

Cllr Noyes, for Droitwich South said: "I think there is something seriously wrong with this planning process.

"There will be emergency service visits throughout the day and a lot of disruption.

"I think we have a moral duty to reject it."

Cllr Keith Wright added: "My daughter used to work in a care home and it can get quite rowdy at night and it will impact on the amenity of neighbours.

On Thursday, 13 councillors voted for deferral and two voted against the plan.