So the plans are finally in and the route of just where Hereford’s bypass will run is taking shape.

Each one of the proposals passes close to Belmont Abbey and all will require homes to be demolished.

Meanwhile, others living close to the western relief road will, no doubt, look to sell up as the peace and tranquility they currently enjoy is permanently altered.

No one at this newspaper is for one minute against a new road that will take traffic away from Hereford city centre but the more detailed plans highlight just why the Hereford Times has argued for a new road – and river crossing – to take traffic in an easterly direction.

Especially as the same arguments that Herefordshire Council uses to rule out an eastern route can also be used against a western road.

For Breinton is also home to unspoilt countryside and picturesque farms – plus a fresh water spring.

But it is the logistical argument which really explains why a new river crossing near Rotherwas with additional links (and improvements) to the Worcester road and the M5 should be the most pressing priority.

The distance it will take someone to travel from the A49 at Grafton across to Breinton and through Holmer’s new estates makes one wonder if many drivers will simply plough on through the city centre as they do now.

With the jury still firmly out on the usefulness of the City Link Road, the council cannot afford to back the loser on a decision of such importance.