A WOMAN has called for more on-the-spot fines for littering after watching people throwing beer cans down by the river.

Nikki James snapped this picture of three young men who she said were lining up their empty beer cars on railings before knocking them down onto the side of the river and leaving them there.

She sent us the picture after reading about stricter penalties being considered for irresponsible dog owners who did not pick up their pet's mess.

She said: "The likes of these young men are allowed to drink then line their cans up on the railings then knock them down on to the side of river and not pick them up.

"How’s about more on-the-spot fines for littering?"

We reported how Worcester City Council is considering tougher powers to tackle dog fouling on pavements and in parks and open spaces.

The proposals would see the introduction of a Public Spaces Protection Order, requiring any person in charge of a dog to immediately remove dog faeces.

The council could also introduce a number of clearly marked ‘dog exclusion areas’ around the city – and is looking at whether to impose a fixed penalty notice of up to £75.

A spokesman for the city council confirmed that a decision on increasing the on-the-spot fines for littering will be made as part of the council budget in February.

If agreed as is expected, council officers will have the power to fine litterbugs £150 from April.

Adrian Gregson said the city council has enforcement officers with the powers to give out fines but the challenge was always catching people in the act.

He added: "I certainly think there are plenty of bins. There are no excuses for doing it.

"You wouldn't do it in your own house, so why do it in the street?"

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