A MAJOR housing plan in Evesham has been passed despite concerns about traffic from local councillors.

The controversial plan for 460 houses, in Cheltenham Road has been the subject of much debate with local residents concerned that infrastructure in Evesham will not cope with the expansion.

Councillors reluctantly voted the plan through, after failing to find an appropriate planning reason to reject it.

Cllr Keith Wright claimed that local people were aware that the A46 was a "disaster zone" but that he could not find a planning reason to reject the application and other councillors made similar points.

Cllr Robert Adams said: "It reminds me of an old school report; could do better. And Evesham could do better. I don't understand why the new junction does not have access to the roundabout on the A46 rather than be 70 metres away."

Highways England decided to move the junction away from the roundabout, believing that the traffic would flow more smoothly.

Cllr Val Wood voiced concerns about the emergency entrance to Cheltenham Road, claiming it was "totally inappropriate" for fire engines to go through.

Cllr Adrian Darby convinced other councillors to add a condition to be added to the application to make sure the green space allocated in the plan was not used for housing.

Prior to voting, councillors for the local area criticised the plan, believing that the town's roads would not be able to cope.

Cllr Colin Tether, of Evesham Town Council said: "The plans show the access road 70 metres from the exit of the A46 roundabout.

"It is a narrow access point.

"Highways have said that local roads are close to capacity and that the roundabout is close to capacity. We think they are at capacity.

"I don't think more than 75 new houses should be built until Badsey Road work is completed.

"£15,000 is being allocated by the council to bikes, but it will need a lot more than that.

"Traffic in Evesham is at a crisis point. You may say that is the case with lots of towns but it is particularly bad in Evesham."

Nick Rawlings speaking on behalf of the developer Bloor Homes said: "The SWDP allocated for approximately 500 dwellings.

"The county highways and Highways England have conducted a robust traffic survey and they have suggested access points.

"The section 106 agreement and documents are virtually all agreed."

Nine councillors voted for the application, two voted against and there were four abstentions.