A TRAVELLER who has submitted plans for a caravan pitch on the land he has owned for 12 years has had his property vandalised

A planning application for a one pitch traveller site has been submitted next to the A4103 in Storridge.

In a letter to the council, the applicant states: "I feel what I am proposing is a small scale quiet family patch and I feel what I would like to do will be an improvement than the old barn that is already there, and will not be as obstructive as people think rather an improvement.

"There is a definite lack of pitches in Herefordshire for the travelling community. The housing population is getting bigger with houses being built everywhere and pitches for travellers remaining the same."

The planning application has received 96 representations including supporters and objections from several residents. Cradley Parish Council has also objected to the application amid fears that the access to the development is not suitable from the main road.

The applicant refutes this and claims that there is already two entrances to the property which are used daily with no issues.

Following an incident of vandalism at the property a police spokesman said: "West Mercia Police were called around 2pm on December 29, following a report of criminal damage at a premises on Cowleigh Road in Storridge. Enquires are still on-going."