Tesco is making a major change to its meal deals with the addition of more than 20 new products to the range.

From Walkers Crisps and Pepsi Max to BLT sandwiches and protein yoghurts, Tesco meals deals already have something to suit everyone's taste buds.

Now Tesco's meal deal range is about to expand even further with the launch of 23 new products.

The new additions to the Tesco meal deal range are available now.The new additions to the Tesco meal deal range are available now. (Image: Tesco)

Tesco group brand director, Matthew Kay, said: “We are thrilled to introduce these significant improvements to our meal deal.

"Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that every ingredient meets the highest standards of quality and flavour, with the goal of providing a meal deal that’s not only convenient but also delicious.

"We believe our customers will love the new options or the enhancements to their favourites, and can’t wait for them to try out the range!"

Full list of new products being added to Tesco's meal deal range

The new products being added to Tesco's meal deal range are:


  • Brie, Smoked Bacon & Chilli Jam Sandwich
  • Fajita Fiesta Chicken Salad & Chipotle Grains (265g)
  • Eat Your Greens Feta & Grains Salad (240g)
  • Back at the Ranch Chicken Salad (260g)
  • Hoisin Duck Noodle Salad (250g)
  • Plant Chef Sweet Potato Falafel Salad
  • Southern Fried Chicken Chipotle Mayo Sub
  • Mexican-Style Chicken & Turtle Beans Sub
  • Chicken & Bacon Caesar Salad (265g)
  • Chicken & Chorizo Pasta Salad (285g)
  • Tandoori Chicken & Rice Salad (240g)
  • Some Like It Hot Piri Piri Chicken Salad (245g)


  • Mini Savoury Eggs Snack
  • Chicken Poppers with Tomato Ketchup Snack

Which one of the new meal deal options is your favourite?Which one of the new meal deal options is your favourite? (Image: Tesco)

Premium mains

  • Finest Hot Smoked Salmon and Potato Salad (220g)
  • Tesco Finest Jewelled Harissa British Chicken Salad (240g)
  • Tesco Finest British Chargrilled Chicken & Puttanesca Salad (220g)
  • Tesco Finest British Honey Roast Ham & French Brie Rye Roll
  • Tesco Finest Firecracker British Chicken Wrap
  • Tesco Finest* British Roast Beef & Rosemary Fries Sandwich
  • Tesco Wilshire Ham & Barber's Cheddar Baguette

Limited Edition items

Tesco is also launching several limited edition items to its meal deal range: 

  • Koren-Style Fried Chicken & Rice Salad (main)
  • Tesco Finest Limited Edition Middle Eastern-style British Chicken & Tabbouleh Salad (premium main)

Other changes

Tesco will also be making changes several changes to help deliver "improved flavour and quality".

These changes include:

  • New seasonings
  • New mayonnaise recipe
  • New smoking techniques

These new changes will have shoppers noticing a difference next time they try one of the classic sandwiches already a part of the Tesco meal deal range including the likes of BLT, chicken salad and prawn mayonnaise.


When will these new meal deal items be available at Tesco?

These new meal deal products are available now in Tesco stores across the UK, having launched on Monday (June 24).

A lunchtime meal deal at Tesco - main, snack and drink - will cost Clubcard members £3.40 (£3.90 without a Clubcard). 

While for a premium meal deal - premium main with a snack and drink from the wider range - will cost £5 (for Clubcard holders) or £5.50 (for those without a Clubcard).