Nestle's new Strawberry flavoured Aero chocolate bar has been released in stores across the UK, sending shoppers into a frenzy. 

The confectionery company is already known for chocolate products including Kit Kat, Smarties, Quality Street and Milkybar. 

Nestle has axed a number of its products from its range recently. 

In November last year, Nestle revealed it was discontinuing its Caramac and Animal Bars much to the disappointment of fans.

Caramac was discontinued after 64 years, a decision the company said was made due to falling sales.

Ludlow Advertiser: Nestle have already released two new Aero chocolate bars in 2024 including the new Choco Hazelnut flavour.Nestle have already released two new Aero chocolate bars in 2024 including the new Choco Hazelnut flavour. (Image: Nestle)

Then in February (2024) Nestle revealed it was cutting Breakaway and Yorkie biscuit bars from its range of products.

But it hasn't been all bad news for Nestle fans, with the confectionary company also revealing the release of a number of new products in 2024 including a white chocolate KitKat.

Nestle also revealed in January the release of two new Aero chocolate bars - one being a new choco-hazelnut flavour.

Nestle releases new Aero Strawberry chocolate bar

Nestle revealed last month (April) it would be releasing another new Aero chocolate bar in 2024 - a strawberry-flavoured version.

A Nestle spokesperson in April, in the Metro, said: "We’re excited to share our new Aero Strawberry Flavour sharing bar with chocolate fans.

"The bar brings together a smooth milk chocolate shell with a melt-in-the-mouth bubbly strawberry flavour centre."

The new Nestle Aero Strawberry chocolate bar has now been released in stores across the UK - on sale for £1.35.

It is available in Spar stores for now and will be rolled out to all wholesale and convenience stores nationwide later in June, the Nestle spokesperson confirmed.

Aero, which was initially launched by Nestle back in 1935, was recently revealed among the most popular chocolate bars in the UK for 2024 (Mars being named the favourite).

"Best day of my life" - release of Nestle's new Strawberry flavoured Aero chocolate sends shoppers into a frenzy

News about the release of the new Strawberry flavoured Aero chocolate bar has sent fans into a frenzy and already has people across the UK rushing to their nearest Spar. 

Commenting on a post about the Nestle release on the Facebook group Newfoodsuk one fan said: "It’s out! Best day of my life will be when I try this."

Another commented: "I need this in my life !"

A third person added: "Wow, I get diabetes and this happens?! Sod it, I'll die happy."


While another chocolate lover said: "This I Must try."

Some fans have already tried the new Strawberry Aero and have confirmed it is just as good as they had hoped.

One person, who has tried the new Aero chocolate, said: "It tastes soooo good."