FANS are calling for an England vs Italy rematch after being dissatisfied with the Euro 2020 final.

Despite scoring an early goal in the opening minutes, England lost to Italy during a penalty shootout.

However, some fans are arguing that Italy did not always play fairly with accusations of the opposing team ‘playing dirty’ and deserving of red cards.

This comes after captain Giorgio Chiellini pulled on Bukayo Saka's collar and caused him to fall to the ground, which many argued should have been a red card instead of yellow

A Tory MP called out the Italian team for this on Twitter.

Redcar MP Jacob Young responded to a tweet by the Azzurri skipper in which Chiellini posted a photo of the Euro 2020 trophy on his bed – saying he was following the tradition of sleeping with it.

Mr Young, 28, replied with a photo of the Italian captain yanking Saka back by his shirt collar during the match at Wembley, and saying: “Anche questa e una tradizione?”, meaning: “Is this also a tradition?”



Sharon Guilmen started a petition on called ‘Rematch Demand for Italy v England’.

They wrote: “The match on 11/07/2021 was not fair at all, after Italy only received a yellow card for dragging England players like they were slaves.

“All the pushes, pulls and kicks and Italy was still allowed to win? Definitely biased.

“Italy should have been given a red card for their gameplay and the rematch should happen with a non-biased referee.

“This was not fair at all.”

Sharon added that she is “sending as many emails to agencies and possible people who will be able to help and assist” with the rematch.

At the time of writing, the petition has received 125,322 signatures with a goal of 150,000.

Many people have also listed their reasons for signing.

One person wrote: “ Italy got away with just a number of yellow cards where there should have been reds for clear foul play.

“They don’t deserve the respect for winning.”

However, another person disagreed and wrote: “If there is a match that should be repeated, it's Denmark-England. You didn't deserve to win.

“Stop whining and accept the fact that we Italians have won.”

You can find the petition over on the website.